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Tuesdays With…Raven St. Pierre!!!

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Ok, I’m having a major fangirl moment here. Y’all do not understand. I read a book called Red Sun last year, and I was so moved, that I went and bought up this woman’s entire library-at least what was published at the time (but, yes, I do own every, single book, and will buy them all as they are published.) If you have not read a book by Raven St. Pierre, then stop reading this. Click this link. Buy at least one story, then come back and read all about this lovely, young woman.

St. Pierre

MIRJ: The first question I ask all authors who write IR romance is why do you write IR romance?

RSP: I actually kind of fell into the IR romance sub-genre, but have since found a home there. My original goal was to write romance. Period. In fact, when I started making some of…

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